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Exclusive Luxury Tours in the Spanish Pyrenees

Experience the Spanish Pyrenees with exclusive luxury guided tours | View itinerary »

Discover the Pyrenees with weekly excursions that are catered exclusively for you. Our expert guides will take you through some of the most breath-taking National and Natural Parks and introduce you to the many historical monuments of the area. You will enjoy the good vibes – of Spanish culture while dining on the region’s irresistible cuisine and wines. At night, take a rest from your day in one of our lovely and accommodating hotels. With quality and exclusivity in our small groups of four to six people, you will find it easy to relax and savour your holiday.

For more information or to talk to a friendly expert who knows the ins and outs of this trip email us.

8 day exclusive trip as described, guide price £3,495 – £3,695 pp

What’s included

  • 7 nights’ accommodations in a selection of fantastic hotels
  • Local guides with expert leadership will accompany you for the entirety of your journey
  • Meals will be in restaurants, hotels, or in picnic form, as noted in your itinerary
  • “Discover Spanish Wines” includes a different bottle of wine with each meal
  • Shuttle transfers from Barcelona airport or city centre
  • Personalised travel App and e-Document manager
  • Sight-seeing and adventure activities, as noted in your itinerary

What’s not included

  • Flights (can be quoted separately)
  • Travel insurance - we are happy to advise

Travel Info

Fly direct to Barcelona with British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair and others, from most major UK hubs and many regional airports.

Best time to go

We recommend you visit the Spanish Pyrenees in April-June or September-November as this is when the landscape can best be appreciated.

Bespoke Service

Let us know your interests, ideal dates and duration, and preferred flights, and we’ll create the perfect Spain Pyrenees holiday just for you.

Custom-Made Experiences

The Pyrenees can be enjoyed in an infinite number of ways, be it a walk through a secluded valley, a challenging climb up a mountain, an adrenaline rush descending a canyon, or even a relaxing rest while enjoying a cup of tea. The fresh mountain air is stimulating for the mind and good for the soul. It will brighten your mood and improve your fitness.

We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor-make experiences for you that take you along the path you wish to go while creating the adventures of your dreams. We will build your perfect itinerary based on where you want to go, what you want to do, and how long you want to do it – all with the help of our dedicated team of specialists.

Action and adventure

Explore our beautiful region and its hidden gems with mountain climbing or challenging treks and hikes. Experience exhilarating activities such as exploring deep canyons, rapid descents while river-rafting, or climbing lofty mountain peaks.

If you seek thrilling action and crave intrepid adventure, do not hold back and you will not be disappointed! Discover the best of the National and Natural Parks within the Pyrenees with the security and expertise of our well-informed guides. We will surprise you at every turn with our intimate knowledge of some of the most beautiful corners of this region.

Hiking and Trekking

What could be better than a day spent hiking? The picturesque valleys of the Pyrenees offer an infinite number of hiking trails to explore and awaken the senses. If you enjoy plunging waterfalls, dense forests, and incredible views, this is the experience for you.

Our custom-made activities are created by our expert guides, so whether you are new to walking holidays, a casual hiker, or a seasoned trekker, you will find plenty of exciting paths from which to choose. Our excursions range from 6-7 hours and will leave you feeling alive and energized while bringing peace to your mind and charge your soul.

You will also learn about the local traditions and culture of the area and indulge in the region’s splendid wines and gastronomy.

Relax and disconnect

Clear your Mind and Connect to the Pyrenees

The Mountain Experience for Everyone

Gentle walks through remote and hidden places offer spectacular views to the most emblematic mountains of the Pyrenees. Get back to nature and challenge yourself to go beyond the scope of your dreams.

Trekking here is all about embracing unique moments, incredible landscapes, and fascinating cultures, all of which are set against the backdrop of some of the most amazing places the Pyrenees has to offer.

It is a delight for nature lovers and a mecca for photographers. And when it comes time for a rest, you will always find yourself satiated with local Spanish cuisines and wines.

Wild Life and Birding

The Pyrenees are well known for their great biodiversity due to the microclimates naturally occurring within the mountain range. And as the mountains are situated in one of the main north-south bird migration routes, there will always be something for the bird-watching enthusiasts to look out for in the area.

Magnificent Landscapes that are Singularly Unique

Welcome to the Spanish Pyrenees in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. If you are looking for sunshine and mountains, this is one of the best destinations in Europe. Our diversity of experiences will surprise you every day as you discover protected areas, broad valleys, plunging canyons, and virgin forests surrounded by majestic mountains. With elevations at over 3,000 metres, this mountain paradise will awaken your soul each and every day of your holiday.

Within the verdant meadows and thick forests, you will find peace and serenity, and within the rugged and remote corners of the region you will be energized. Here, rivers run wild through the deep rock canyons of the mountains and the rocks and flora and fauna coexist in a striking harmony of contrasts. Our expert guides will accompany you at all times and reveal to you the secrets hidden within these magical valleys including their flowers, mountain peaks, forests and valleys, and legends, cultures and customs.

Enchanting Holiday Accommodation

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful hosts of two delightfully unique hotels: José Luis and Jennifer of “El Acebo de Casa Muria” and Gustavo and Josse of “Hotel Barosse”. Their warm Spanish hospitality and charming hotels will leave you with an unforgettable night’s stay. From the moment you step inside, every aspect of their accommodations exudes tasteful attention to detail in an atmosphere that is like a home away from home.

Their type of accommodation is referred to as an “author’s hotel” in that it is designed to create a haven of comfort from its exquisite aromas and original décor to its scrumptious breakfasts

Valleys and Peoples with Centuries of History

Your trip to the Pyrenees would not be complete without visiting some of the charming and remote villages of the region and experiencing the true Spanish culture and traditions therein. The inhabitants of these places have had to battle the elements in a sometimes hostile environment and developed sustainable traditional livestock and agricultural methods. A stroll down the idyllic streets of these villages will expose to you their storied pasts as you admire their architecture, castles, churches, and houses.

Explore some of the most spectacular UNESCO Heritage Sites in Spain such as the San Juan de la Peña Monastery, Citadel of Jaca, the Boí Taüll Chapel, the Collegiate Church of Alquezar, Roda de Isábena Cathedral, and Santa María de Obarra Monastery. All of these beautiful and historical places await showing you the real heart of Spain.

A Real Treat for your Palate

During your trip with us, you will have the pleasure of enjoying delicious and healthy Spanish cuisine paired with exquisite wines. Spanish cuisine is wonderfully diverse and has a rich tradition that likens to the distinct topography of the country. It truly makes for an incredible gastronomic trip.

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We don’t deal in one-size-fits-all holidays. We build amazing journeys tailored just for you. But before we can do that, we need to know about you – what excites you, what are your ‘must-sees’ and ‘must do’s’, and conversely, what do you want to avoid or what makes you feel indifferent. We don’t do indifferent, and neither should you!

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