A drone-flying holiday in Andalucía

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We’ve combined our expertise of drone flying with our in-depth knowledge of Andalucía to create the best drone-flying holiday in Spain. All of our drone holidays offer a fun, relaxed and supportive environment to improve your skills. Each trip, limited to a maximum of six participants, will be accompanied by a PFS (Phantom Flight School) instructor and a local guide/driver.
Suitable for any standard of drone enthusiast, we’ll take your drone skills to beyond PfCO standards and show you how to fly, film and edit like a professional.
You’ll come away from this holiday with improved flying skills, more knowledge about both Spain and drone-flying, sensational videos and photographs, and have a ready-made network of like-minded, drone-flying friends.

For more information or to talk to a friendly expert who knows the ins and outs of this trip email us.

6 or 7 day trip as described, guide price £1,095 – £1,295 pp

What’s included

  • Accommodation on a single, full-board basis
  • Daily tutorials from a PFS expert pilot
  • A local guide/translator
  • A personalised travel app and e-document manager
  • All transport during the holiday
  • Airport transfers for recommended flights

What’s not included

  • Flights (we can quote these separately)
  • Travel insurance (we can advise)
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned

Travel Info

There are direct flights to Malaga from most major UK airports and regional hubs.

Best time to go

May and September are the best months for drone flying in Andalucía. Contact us to find out what dates are available.

Bespoke Service

We’re happy to help you organise a few days extra either side of the trip if you’d like to extend your holiday.

Day 1

Arrive in Malaga

After you land at Malaga airport you’ll be met by our local expert who will transfer you to your hillside villa above Periana village, approximately one hour north of Malaga.

Days 2 to 5

Drone flying in Andalucia

Blending Moorish influences and traditional Spanish customs, many people consider Andalucía to be Spain’s most interesting and visually stunning region. It won’t take you long to realise why!

Days 2 to 5

Drone flying in Andalucia

After daily briefings on topics such as storyboarding, editing and the legalities of drone flying, you’ll have the opportunity to fly over castle ruins, along magnificent cliffs and coastlines, and across sparkling lakes, all under the watchful eye of a PFS expert pilot.

Days 2 to 5

Drone flying in Andalucia

The Phantom Flight School is the most established and renowned drone flying school in the UK, having trained hundreds of businesses and professional photographers. You’ll learn new skills from the best of the best, a highly experienced PFS drone pilot whose aim is to provide extensive support and guidance.

Days 2 to 5

Drone flying in Andalucia

Rediscover Spain are the experts on local travel within Andalucía, and as such, we know the best places to fly, we’ll have secured the correct paperwork, and possibly most importantly, we’ll point you to the best restaurants for lunch!

Day 6/7

Return to Malaga

After a transfer back to Malaga airport, you’ll return home armed with an incredible amount of new knowledge and extra flying experience, as well as made some spectacular memories. You’ll also be part of a friendly group of like-minded flyers. Who knows, you might all want to repeat the experience next year! There’s always something new to learn in drone-flying!

Day 7

Contact us

No matter what level of drone-flying ability you have, contact us for more detailed information or if you have any questions. We’d be glad to help.

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